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Yunnan, Yue Guang Bai - Moonlight Beauty Tea

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Yunnan, Moonlight Beauty (Yue Guang Bai):

This is a very special tea grown and harvested in Yunnan Province. It is an unusual white tea, harvested from the young spring leaves of Pu-erh. It is traditionally harvested from old growth tea bushes at a particular time, based on ancient cosmology. It is then dried at night under the moonlight to absorb special Yin Qi.

It has a distinct look and flavor. The leaves are large and wide, one side of the leaf is dark, the other side is light and covered with tiny silver hairs. It contains almost no caffeine, and has a very soothing flavor. It is one of my favorite teas with a distinct and delightful taste and aroma, like that of fresh cut spring hay. This is a white tea that is imparted with a flavor that is reminiscent of a light red tea. It is soft, light and smooth, yet has a full bodied mouth feel, without any astringency that often accompanies green tea. It is the perfect tea to enjoy after a big meal. Whenever you drink it, you will savor it and enjoy a calm and peaceful state of mind.

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