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Wild Tree, Yue Guang Bai (Moon Light Beauty)

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Wild Tree - Yue Guang Bai (Moonlight Beauty)

Another absolute favourite of ours. This is a unique tea to be sure! It's made from a Wild Tree Purple varietal (ye sheng cha) growing in Jinggu county. The tea grows wild and is only harvested in March. The tea was processed using the same technique used for Yue Guang Bai... after frying, and rolling the tea wilts briefly before put into a long wind tunnel tube where warm air is pushed through and gradually halts the oxidation of the tea.

The taste is something unique too. There is more complexity than your typical Yue Guang Bai with notes of fruit, flower, sugarcane, and a kind of bitterness that fades quickly. With even a few months of age the bitterness will transform into fruit sweetness with a long lasting after-taste. The tea liquor is yellow, thick and soupy.

Another amazing tea, abundant in Qi, and information. This is what tea is all about.

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