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Bai Ye (White Leaf) Dan Cong Oolong from Ling Tuo Village

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"Bai Ye" (White Leaf) Dan Cong Oolong Tea

We love Oolong, and this is a favourite of ours.

"Bai Ye" (White Leaf) Dan Cong is grown in Ling Tou village in Guangdong Province. Bai Ye, Dan Cong varietal tea grows in a very peculiar way, large, wild, and curvy with light yellow-green crowns. The aroma has both Flower and Honey characteristics with a heavy pungent nectar quality. The taste is thick and pure with a hint of smokiness, and a sweet after-finish.

Our Bai Ye Dan Cong was picked and processed in April 2015. Oolong tea is known for it's sophisticated and laborious processing methods. Because of how labor intensive it is, most large plantation tea is not processed using traditional methods.

Ling Tou Bai Ye Dan Cong is produced by one family who's total production is only 15 kilograms. They process this special tea in the traditional way:

1). Pick the tender shoots, typically 1 bud to 2 -3 leaf ratio. 2). Sun wilt for 30 minutes 3). Wilt in a cool shaded area for another hour 4). Shake the tea, 15 times, then 25 times, then 40 times 5). Oxidise the green (by wok frying) at 200 C for 4 or 5 minutes with constant movement. 6). Rolling and breaking the leaf for 18 minutes. 7). Drying in a hot room at 100C.

We are certain you will fall in love with this labour of love. An exquisite, elegant, and flavourful Oolong.

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