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Learn the ZhiNeng QiGong Healing Method:

Courses offered teaching the healing methods, Levels 1 - 3 of ZhiNeng Qigong, and Later Methods.


ZhiNeng (Wisdom Healing) QiGong is well known in China and around the word as one of the most effective systems for healing, and developing human potential. It was developed by Dr Pang, He-Ming, and was used in the famed HuaXia "Medicine-less" hospital where their was no such thing as patients - only students. At the HuaXia Centre, hundreds of thousands of people were healed of every illness imaginable.  


The expansion of consciousness is the vehicle used for healing and specific exercises are taught to loosen and relax the spine, open the joints and ligaments, stabilize the emotions, and expand consciousness.  A step by step approach is used in a scientific manner to teach you how to effectively heal yourself of pain, illness, disease, and emotional disorders.  This healing method is extremely powerful and effective, taking the QiGong state to a deeper and more profound level.  


Students learn how to organize a Qi Field and mobilize Qi for healing by using Movement, Breath, Consciousness, and Sound. Level 1 focuses on merging with external Hun Yuan Qi.  Level 2 on Internal Hun Yuan Qi while opening the ligaments and tendons.  Level 3 works on the 5 internal organs, strengthening their functions and stabilizing the emotions. 


Many other methods are taught to facilitate healing and a great deal of attention is focused on opening the spine. The spinal column is the nervous center for the entire body.  It connects the brain, and nerve impulses with organs, and all tissues of the body. In Chinese Medicine it is closely related to the Sea of Yang Qi, as well as Jing/Essence. Because of this, it is believed that eighty percent of chronic disease is directily related to the spine. When a person loosens and adjusts the spine, especially while in a QiGong state they can regulate the functions of the internal organs as well as relaxing all tension in the body. Consistant practice of these methods will improve circulation of Qi and Blood, and over time dramatically improve your vitality, health and posture. 


ZhiNeng QiGong is suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners that want to take their practice to a deeper and more effective level.  


All ZhiNeng QiGong Courses are taught as intensive healing retreats.  The goal of organizing courses in this way is to give students an experience similar to that of the Hua Xia Centre. A retreat atmosphere facilitates deep healing and a high level practice. 



This video was taken at the HuaXia Centre (Medicine-less Hospital).  In it, the patient/student is using the Healing Method with the assistance of QiGong Doctors/Teachers to dissolve a bladder tumor, before your eyes in a couple of minutes.


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