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RJ Singer is an Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Herbalist, Medical QiGong Therapist, and Feng Shui Consultant. He is very passionate about Taoist Philosophy and dedicated to a lifelong cultivation of the Taoist arts. He is an initiate and Tao Shi 道士 of the Tai Shang Men, Xiao Yao Pai lineage of Taoism, which originated with the legendary Huang Di (Yellow Emperor). RJ strives to inspire as many people as possible to cultivate health, longevity, and well-being. RJ has been extremely fortunate to study and practice Chinese Medicine and QiGong with many different talented masters from all over the globe. 


RJ did his formal training in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Sydney Institute of TCM, where he received numerous awards for academic excellence in both TCM and Western Medicine.



  • Registered with AHPRA, AACMA
  • Adv.Dip. TCM (4 years full time), Sydney Institute of TCM; Sydney, Australia
  • Cert. TCM, Beijing Tibetan & Ethnic Medicine Hospital; Beijing China
  • Medical QiGong Department XiYuan Hospital; Beijing China
  • Cert. ZhiNeng QiGong Therapist, Instructor Guangxi China
  • FengShui/BaZi (Chinese Astrology) Consultant; AAFS
  • BA Environmental Studies, University of California; Santa Cruz, USA
  • Cert. Ecological Horticulture; (CASFS) Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems; Santa Cruz, CA, USA
  • Cert. Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, (WMI) Wilderness Medicine Institute; Gunnison, CO, USA



Best Acupuncture in Banglaow, Byron Bay Australia and ZhiNeng QIGong Maser, Feng Shui Consultant
QiGong Teacher's - Taoist Acupuncture Bangalow, Byron Bay




He interned with some of the most respected and renowned Chinese Medicine Practitioners in Australia and worldwide.  His most influential teacher has been Daniel Deng famed for his mastery of distal, microsystem, Mirror-X, and Master Tung Lineage Acupuncture.  RJ apprenticed with him for 4 years. He also interned in Beijing, China with Dr. Wang Fan famed for his mastery of the ZhenDao (Needle Knife), and at XiYuan Hospital with the highly regarded Medical QiGong Master Dr. Xu Hongtao. 

R.J. is always striving to increase his knowledge and clinical effectiveness, by continually studying, learning from, and being inspired by the best Acupuncturists and Chinese Herbalists in the world, which include the late "Henry" Weidong Han, Wei Chieh Young, "Jimmy" Wei Yen Chang, the late "Richard" Teh Fu Tan, and Ming Qing Zhu. 


QiGong is RJ's biggest passion and he has been very fortunate to have learned from many high level masters. These masters have imparted ancient wisdom that is missing from  "Traditional Chinese Medicine".  Most of this wisdom has been kept very secretive and is passed down only from Master to student.  It has deepened and enriched his practice of Chinese Medicine, and deeply benefited his patients.


After many years of dedication and disciplined training in internal cultivation, he was asked to teach and impart this wisdom to help humanity. He shares the same dream as his teachers, that of awakening and empowering the individual to master their own health and happiness, and spread universal compassion.


The inspiration for his teaching and healing comes primarily from five schools of QiGong:




































1). Richard Barr of the energetic arts center, in Atascadero, California. Richard Barr is a medical Qigong practitioner, and master of Sil Lum Kung Fu, a traditional system based on the movements of the Five Animals, and Chinese weaponry, who trained under both Master Gilbert Bates, and the famed late Grandmaster Ark Y.  Wong.

2). Dr. Bingkun Hu passed away in 2021, He was a medical Qigong master and Qigong therapist in Berkeley, California. Who practiced Qigong for more than 50 years with great masters from all the major schools of Chinese Qigong. He was a disciple of the late Grandmaster Yang, Mei-Jun, the 27th lineage holder of the Wild Goose (Dayan) system. Dr. Hu is one of the few masters to have learned the entire system from her. Grandmaster Yang, Mei-Jun was one of the true giants of modern Qigong and energy medicine and an inheritor of the Kunlun School Taoist tradition, which dates back to the Jin dynasty (265-420 AD). She performed healing miracles well into her 90’s, passed on a complete system of glorious movement, meditation and healing, and was widely honored when she died at the age of 106.

Wildgoose Qigong Bangalow, DaYan Chi Kung Byron Bay

3). Master Zhao Shihua, is a respected master from Chengdu, China. There he ran a Qigong research and training centre with thousands of students before immigrating to Australia after his healing abilities and teaching skills were discovered by the former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke. He cured Bob Hawke’s daughter of chronic fatigue with Qigong treatments. Master Zhao began learning Buddhist Qigong with his grandmother when he was 3 years old. Over the past 50 plus years of extensive training, Zhao has learned from many different Qigong masters and studied both traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicines.

Qigong Banglaow, Chi Kung Byron Bay Australia

4). Dr. Xu, Hongtao now retired, was the Chief Physician of Integrated Medicine and Doctor of Medical QiGong at XiYuan Hospital in Beijing, China, where he developed and taught GuiGen (Return to the Source) QiGong based on Taoist and TCM theory to heal chronic illness and disease. His QiGong is still taught and used by both out-patient and in-patients at the hospital for healing every illness and disease imaginable. His motto is “Nothingness is the Best Medicine” and emphasises Meditation as the key to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

GuiGen Qigong Bangalow, Byron Bay Chi Kung
ZhiNeng QiGong Australia
ZhiNeng QiGong Australia
ZhiNeng QiGong Australia
ZhiNeng QiGong Bangalow, Byron Bay Australia
ZhiNeng QiGong Bangalow Byron Bay Australia

5). Wei QiFeng, Lu Zhengdao, Xi Xiaofeng, Wang Lingling, and Tao Qingyu, were teachers at the famed Hua Xia Centre (The Medicine-less Hospital) and Disciples of Dr. Pang Ming the creator of Zhineng (Wisdom Healing) QiGong. At the Hua Xia Centre, no matter how sick a person was, they were still addressed as a “student” never a “patient”. The reason being they were learning the art of healing themselves and not to rely on Doctors. Countless numbers of people recovered from incurable illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, severe depression, paralysis, and systemic lupus.


In the late 1990’s, Dr. Pang gave several lectures on his dream for a harmonious world. In it he described a new paradigm based on happiness, peace, equality, and consciousness upon a healthy earth filled with universal love.


RJ practices Chinese Medicine and teaches with reverence to these Masters and loving gratitude that have transmitted their Vitality, Compassion, and Wisdom.




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