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Level 3, Five Hun Yuan Form   (Wu Yuan Zhuang)

Five Hun Yuan Form is the most complex of the ZhiNeng QiGong System. It consists of 12 flowing exercises that mimic the agility and  graceful movements of the soaring crane.  These movements harmonize Qi of the entire body.   


Level 3 focuses on opening the Hun Yuan Palace and is considered the beginning of Middle Hun Yuan practice in ZhiNeng QiGong. Once the Hun Yuan palace is opened, the emotions of the inner organs can be unified, and movement, sounds, mudras, and breathing techniques are used to mobilize Qi of the vital organs, improving their function while balancing the emotions. It is a continuation of working with internal Hun Yuan Qi.  


Middle Hun Yuan practice refers to merging and transforming Human Hun Yuan Qi with the Qi of the middle (central) channel, and also refers to focusing consciousness on the middle state of being (Zhong He). This is a  very pure and even state.  


With abundant Qi flowing unimpeded, a healthy body, and  the mind in a state of  Zhong He, the ZhiNeng practitioner is able to concentrate on this middle state and middle channel to form an internal Qi column from the vertex of the head to the perineum.  This is the beginning of Level 4 practice.  Middle Hun Yuan Practice devleops one's wisdom capabilities. 



Benefits of practice:


• Improved function of the internal    organs


• Stable and balanced emotions


• Balance, flexibiity, and agility of        the physical body and the mind


• A more focused consciousness       and ability to observe and                 mobilize Qi


• Begin Middle Hun Yuan Practice


• A deeper understanding of Hun      Yuan Entirety Theory


• Companion exercises, such as          TaiJi Gong, meditations, and            breathing techniques.


• Develop a pure mind - Zhong              He state, and maintain it in daily      life






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