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High Mountain Red - Ai Lao Mountain Black Tea

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High Mountain Red - Ai Lao Mountain Red Tea:

This is a very unusual Red Tea, incorporating Taiwainese style High Mountain Oolong techniques in the birthplace of tea, Yunnan. This high mountain tea is grown at 2000 meters on Ai Lao Shan (mountain) in the Zhenyuan area of Simao. Picked and processed only from the first flush of spring this black tea is lightly oxidized and processed similarly to Taiwanese black tea or Wu Yi Rock tea. There is still a greenish tinge left to the leaves! The brewed tea is rich and thick with hints of Chocolate and dried Longan fruit with a lingering after taste.

The grower is originally from a tea producing family in Taiwan and moved to Yunnan to grow a specific style of High Mountain tea. He met many local pu-erh growers and worked with one in particular to introduce Taiwanese style tea processing. This process produces a tea which marries black tea and oolong in a sweet and fruity style!

Not a typical Yunnan Tea; Flavours of chocolate, with floral notes, sweet, and complex, a delicious red tea with hidden flavours of an Oolong.

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