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Level 2, Body Mind Form

(Xing Shen Zhuang)

After practicing Level one to a sufficient proficiency, the internal Hun Yuan Qi of the body will be abundant.  This is due to the gathering and exchanging of external Hun Yuan Qi.  


At the stage of level 2, students learn to focus their consciousness inside the body merging it with internal Hun Yuan Qi to penetrate and open all the layers of tissue, sinew, muscle and channels of the body, and develop new levels of internal awareness. As with all ZhiNeng QiGong practice, the use of consciousness is emphasized to mobilize Qi and develop deeper levels of mastery (Gong Fu).  The practice of Body Mind Form strengthens one's ability to guide Qi to different parts of the body.


Many of the movements originate from the martial arts to work on flexibility, and the strengthening of tendons and ligaments. This opens the joints and improves the structure and function of the physical body. The movements of Body Mind Form appear simple, but work on the deeper more subtle layers of the body, such as small ligaments, fascia, joints, and lesser used muscles. For this reason the exercises can seem very demanding and strenuous, both physically and mentally. Therefore, also strengthening the mind, and stabilizing the emotions of the practitioner. Additionally, particular exercises of this form can be used to heal specific health problems. The practice of level 2, improves all the functions of body and mind.



Benefits the students will gain:


• Improve flexibilty, balance, and          overall health


• Strengthen the ability to guide Qi      with the mind


• Improve willpower, and stabilze        emotions


• Learn specific exercises to heal          specific problems and disease


• Deeper understanding of Hun            Yuan Entirety Theory


• Companion exercises and                  methods





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