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Feng Shui 

RJ Singer is a practitioner of Classical Feng Shui, which includes the Flying Star and Compass/Form Schools. As with Acupuncture and other Taoist Arts, the methods are applications of the principles of the I Ching (Yi Jing). 


The entire universe can be conceptualized into three units interacting with one another forming all that exists.  They are Matter (Form), Energy (Formless), and Information.  The manner in which Information directs Matter and Energy dictates how something exists and transforms over time and space. 


As humans, we receive information continuously from our environment, society, and the people we interact with.  Information effects our consciousness, emotions, and health at all levels; physically, energetically, and subconsciously. 


Feng Shui is a tool used to recognize the information that is being broadcast, and effecting the occupants of a building, home, or business.  Most people gravitate towards and choose a building that reflects the information hidden within their consciousness and belief systems. Therefore, buildings are also an external representation of the information hidden within the occupants own consciousness.


Once the information is recognized it can help the occupants shift and dissolve energetic, phyisical and mental blockages or fixations; therefore improving their health, and well being.  This may manifest as improved mental clarity and direction, prosperity, health, fertility, and happiness.  


A Feng Shui Consultation can be used for an existing building, renovations/additions, new construction, a new or existing business, or finding the most suitable and optimal location for a house, apartment, shop, or acreage. A consultation includes recommendations for optimizing the information of a building to create a harmonious interrelationship for all occupants.





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Best Feng Shui Bangalow Byron Bay Australia

is a Taoist Art and Science; used to design, arrange and place oneself and home in harmony with the surrounding environment. 

Rates : ​are based on many factors depending on the size, complexity of the building, the number of occupants; whether it is an existing building, a renovation, or a new construction.


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