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Treatments offered by Taoist Acupuncture Byron Bay:

Chinese Medicine is a complete system of health and healing, with a very long and rich history. Chinese Medicine treats the patient, not the disease. It has its own diagnostics, and terminology, that is used to understand complex physiological interactions and imbalances. Treatment focuses on restoring balance. 

What is Qi (Chi)?  It is Chinese for "life energy", and according to Chinese medical theory, it is the animating power that flows through all living things. A living being is filled with it.  A dead person has no more Qi.  A healthy person has more than one who is ill. However, more does not always mean healthy. Health implies that the Qi in our bodies is clear, rather than polluted and turbid, and flowing smoothly, like a stream, not blocked or stagnant. 




Similar to blood vessels, Qi travels through the human body like rivers and streams. When there is pain or illness there is a blockage of these pathways. Acupuncture manipulates the circulation of Qi and Blood to restore balance. When a needle is inserted in the correct location there is an immediate effect. Acupuncture is like working on a circuit board.  A location is often needled on the opposite side and away from the site of the problem.  This can be likened to a switch on a wall, and light bulb on the ceiling.  To turn the bulb on, you have to flick the correct switch. 


In China, patients are treated 3 times per week, and the results are far more effective than the typical one time per week treatments offered in western countries.  Acupuncture is medicine. If you only took medicine once per week would you expect an effective outcome?


RJ provides a detailed diagnosis, and comprehensive treatment plan, with an estimated timeframe, so you can achieve your goals for health and well being. 

Chinese Herbs
Consist primarily of plant material and are used together in formulas to correct imbalances associated with illness, disease, and pain.  Each individual herb has a function, and when combined with other herbs in a formula they often have a synergistic effect of enhancing the healing function, guiding the herbs to the site of the problem, and detoxifying some herbs that would otherwise be too potent by themselves.  The use of endangered species is illegal in Australia, and are not used or condoned by RJ.  
Kinesiology at Alchemy Wellness

Kinesiology is offered by my partner Katrina Hillis. Katrina's area of special skills lay with treating all Neuro-Emotional related conditions such as long term stress, short term stress, anxiety, depression, fear, panic, anger, consciousness, confusion, sleep, addiction, sabotage, trauma, PTSD, all hormonal imbalances and core wounding - samskaras.


Katrina assists her clients in personal transformation by balancing the stress held in the physical, emotional, biochemical and energetic structures and functions of the body. Each session is uniquely tailored for the individual and unwinds and removes the dysfunction in the systems of the body that cause pain, illness and negative patterns of behaviour. A series of Kinesiology sessions with Katrina enables the individual to re-connect with their true essence and experience maximum health, wellness and harmony. Katrina is an accredited Zhineng Qigong Teacher and Healer, she incorporates Zhineng Qigong Healing into her Kinesiology Sessions alongside her skills in Astrology, Numerology, and Intuitive Reading.

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Sun Simiao (581-682AD) is one of the great luminaries of Taoist medicine; a doctor so revered he has been titled China’s ‘King of Medicine’ due to his extensive contributions to Chinese medical texts, his widespread influence and the extraordinary care he gave to his patients. He has influenced me a great deal. He said,"Without understanding the I Ching, it is not possible to become a supreme doctor". 

He also wrote a text called ‘On the Absolute Sincerity of Great Physicians’, effectively the Chinese Hippocratic oath, still required reading for Chinese physicians. As with the expression of this oath, through repetition we are pulled into compliance:

“I promise to follow the way of the great physician. I will serve to live in harmony with nature, and teach patients to do the same.

“I will stay calm and completely committed when treating disease. I will not give way to personal wishes and desires, but above all else hold and nurture a deep feeling of compassion.

“I will be devoted to the task of saving the sacred spark of life in every creature that still carries it. I will strive to maintain a clear mind and be willing to hold myself to the highest standards.

“It will be my duty to diagnose suffering and treat disease. I will not be boastful about my skills and not driven by greed for material things.

“Above all, I will keep an open heart. As I move on the right path I will receive great happiness as a reward without asking for anything in return.”


Taoist Acupuncture Bangalow Byron Bay and ZhiNeng QiGong Master


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