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Guided Taoist Meditation mp3's, click to download instantly

Guided Taoist (Daoist) Meditations:

Download Instant audio mp3's - Guided Meditations - for self healing, well-being, and strengthening consciousness.

These Meditations are intended for practitioners with intermediate and above experience in Taoist meditation. While they are not dangerous, these meditations are not well suited to beginners. Beginners are advised to start with the ZhiNeng QiGong, Qi Field Healing - download here.

For best results with these Taoist Meditations, we advise practitioners already have an ability to feel their lower DanTian Qi cearly, and have developed awareness and inward observation to a degree that they can clearly feel Qi through out the body, and maintain a stable consciousness. Most practitioners have already developed a strong lower DanTian, and have practiced Small Heavenly Circuit, and Large Heavenly Circuit meditations in a deep state, before practicing the meditations offered here.

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