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Spring is a great time for RECOVERY & HEALING!

Being a time of transition and growth, it is naturally a fantastic time for creating a vibrant body, mind and spirit.

Change is the essence of the I Ching, and of Chinese Medicine. Spring represents the archetypal energy of a seed germinating and breaking through the soil with a burst of creative, and arousing energy. The I Ching states there are three kinds of change: 1). Bian Yi - Always Changing: every moment changes. This type of change rules human existence. In practical terms this means it is much easier to change ourselves, than to try and change someone else. 2). Bu Yi - Never Changing: The universal laws of Heaven never change. There are 365 days to the year, 24 hours, and 4 seasons. To live a healthy and happy life, live in accordance with the natural laws of nature. For spring time this means allowing yourself to be creative, expressive, romantic, and revitalized. Follow the natural rhythm of this awakening energy. 3). Jian Yi - Simple Change: Earth took millions of years to evolve and change. Take your time and keep it simple; your thinking and your actions. Don't overdue things. Take small steps in a new direction towards a healthier lifestyle, goal, or career. Too much change too quickly can cause too much disturbance.

Take advantage of this powerful creative energy, start a QiGong practice. Clear out the clutter with a spring clean. Plant a garden; eat more fresh greens. Get your creative energy flowing and start something that you have always wanted to do, but have always made excuses not too. Health, Vitality, and a Love for life, all develop from within yourself. This also happens to be a very powerful year for growth, and transition. According to the Chinese calendar this is the year of the wood horse. The horse represents the fire element, and is a very active galloping energy. Wood is fuel on the fire, so to speak. Spring is a time of even more wood energy, therefore increasing the fuel supply. If you take advantage of this extremely powerful energy you can gallop through old blockages, and boundaries, and manifest a new personal paradigm. Conversely, if we do not allow ourselves to act in accordance with this wood - fire energy, we may find this to be a time of extreme frustration, and conflict. The old way of thinking and doing things will not work in this time of new growth and very active energy. We can see that globally this has been a year of great conflict, but from it will spring forth something new and wonderful.

Interested in taking advantage of this time to create a healthy, vibrant new you?

Book an appointment with RJ Singer

There are still spots available for the ZhiNeng QiGong Healling Method Course beginning October 23. Contact RJ, if you would like to take control of your own health and enroll in this course.

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