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“ The sages looked up to contemplate the patterns of heaven, looked down to observe the ways of the earth. They knew the inner workings of things, the theories of life and death.”  -Yi Jing/ I Ching (The classic of change) 
Taoist Acupuncture Byron Bay is the clinic name for RJ Singer. RJ's area of special interest is in healing, management, repair, and prevention of chronic diseases, and all forms of pain. He is a lifelong student of the Taoist Arts; a registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist, Medical QiGong Therapist, and Feng Shui Consultant. 
Taoist Acupuncture is located at the Alchemy Wellness Centre in Bangalow, in the Byron Bay hinterland. 
All branches of traditional Chinese knowledge, especially Chinese Medicine were influenced by the earliest Chinese classic known as the I Ching or Yi Jing (the book of changes).


Based on keen observation, It theorises how the universe was formed; how all things, especially human beings being part of nature, follow certain patterns of change.  


The essence of the I Ching is expressed as the function, interaction and circulation of two forms of energy - Yin and Yang.  Though opposite to one another, they come from the same source so cannot exist or interact without each other.  Yin and Yang can be manifested as female and male, moon and sun, the opposite poles of electricity, cold and hot, or body and mind and on and on . . .   Everything in existence can be categorised by it's function and relationship as either yin or yang.  The entire theory of Chinese Medicine is based on the balance of yin and yang as they dynamically interact in the human body.


All pain, and illness can be viewed as an imbalance of these two phenomena. Therefore, the goal of Chinese medicine is to balance, and enhance the circulation of yin and yang.


Balance is the fundamental principle of the I Ching and Taoist Philosophy. The Taoists studied these principles in great detail and used them to develop the science and arts of Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, Astrology, Divination, QiGong, and Martial Arts. It is said that a person who can master the principles of the I Ching, and apply the universal laws of balance to all aspects of their life will become Zhen Ren - "a real human being".  Such a person, enjoys perfect health, longevity, compassion, and true happiness.  


It is RJ's goal to help all people achieve balance of their body, mind and spirit. He views Chinese medicine as a way to empower these three treasures. RJ's goal in treatment is to awaken and empower the individual to master their own health and happiness.



Taoist Acupuncture is located at the Alchemy Wellness Centre in the heritage village of Bangalow in the Byron Bay Hinterland. About 10 minutes from Byron Bay, 20 minutes from Ballina, Lennox Head, and Mullumbimby, and 30 minutes from Lismore.



      Member of AHPRA & AACMA                    Health Funds Accepted

Bangalow Acupuncture and ZhiNeng QiGong Byron Bay

Tel:  (02) 6687 1276

Located at Alchemy Wellness Centre:

              38  Granuaille Rd. Bangalow


          Hours:    Mon - Fri 10am-6pm




  RJ Singer has extensive experience in the treatment of Pain, & Chronic Illness

Free BaZi (4 Pillars) Chinese Astrology Chart:
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