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2006 Nan Jian Tulin, Certified Organic Ripened (Shou) Pu-Erh, "Wu Liang" tea cake.

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Pu-Erh is a fermented black tea, and a sought after health drink for Tibetans, who traditionally eat high meat and starchy diets, low in vegetables. Pu-erh historically was one of the primary sources for nutrition, and for aiding digestion. In modern times, scientific studies have proven its health benefits in lowering lipids and bad cholesterol, as well as being full of probiotics. Pu-Erh also helps produce saliva and shake thirst, dispel the effects of alcohol, and refresh one’s mind.

Pu-erh flavour grows in complexity with age, and often goes up in value like fine wine. In recent years, its popularity in the west has grown immensely, making the price sky rocket for high quality Pu-erh.

This Ripe Pu-erh from the Nan Jian Tulin factory is a very enjoyable, delicious, and easy drinking tea. It is full bodied, and nicely balanced with earthy flavours and a sweet after taste. With the increased demand in Pu-erh, there is a huge increase in large scale plantations, that spray huge amounts of chemicals and devastate the environment. This tea is certified organic by OFDC. It is a great tasting tea that is very reasonably priced, that can be enjoyed for everyday drinking.

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