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Level 4, NeiGong




Level 4 - NeiGong is primarily an advanced Taoist meditation course. Students must have built up a strong energetic body and have an ability to clearly feel their energy. Therefore, this course is restricted to students that have already completed levels 1-3 and have a regular dedicated practice. QiGong as a lifestyle for spiritual development is the goal of this course. Topics taught are the stages of internal alchemy, karma, sleeping and dreaming QiGong, sexual QiGong and development of special latent abilities.


NeiGong is mandarin for internal cultivation and is sometimes referred to as Nei Dan - Internal Alchemy. This is a process of inner observation to reach immortality or liberation. By purifying and focusing the mind, one is able to heal their physical body of illness, negative thoughts and emotions.


The ultimate goal however, is a fully awakened state of awareness, where the separation of practice and realisation are overcome. The duality of self and reality has in a real sense disappeared. Not only is the illusion of reality forgotten, but so is the self.  Awareness of unceasing transformation and total interconnectedness in every experience frees one from all craving and hatred. The path to liberation brings a sense of the perfection and wholeness of ordinary things.


An old Zen Koan states, "Before enlightenment, chop wood and gather water.  After enlightnement, chop wood and gather water." This refers to reaching such a pure level of awareness that the ordinary becomes extraordinary, all moments of life are playful like a child.  Meditation and Qigong practice as a lifestyle is the path to achieve this noble goal and is therefore the primary focus of this course.


Healing techniques to heal yourself and others; taoist sexuality, mudras, lucid dreaming and exercises to awaken latent special abilities are introduced to help facilitate realisation.


Students must have built up a strong energetic body, be able to enter a deep QiGong state easily, and clearly feel Qi in order to practice NeiGong.  Since a certain level of internal self cultivation is required, this course is limited to students that have already passed levels 1-3.



Review students are welcome to participate again and join the retreat.


The Course Includes:


An instruction manual, meditation CD and a personal journal for recording dreams, incites and experiences. Each student will also receive an English translation of the book "Tranquil Sitting, A Taoist Journal on Meditation and Chinese Medical QiGong". This 8 week course concludes with a weekend retreat, the cost of which is included in the fees for the course (inclusive of food and accommodation at the retreat centre).


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