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Level 2, Bone Marrow Washing QiGong

Bone Marrow Washing Qigong is more Yin in nature, and works deeper on the energetic body, focusing on the Jing/Essence, Blood, Bone Marrow and Central Nervous System. The feeling is more grounding and less energizing than the Level one - Breath qigong course. The meditations focus on awakening the 3 Dantians and balancing the yin organs and their energies. The philosophy focuses on Taoist cosmology and how it applies to human energetic and spiritual anatomy and physiology.  It clarifies the mystery of Taoist internal alchemy.


Health practitioners are exposed to turbid Qi, toxins, and pathogens on a daily basis, which has made this QiGong especially popular among chinese medical practitioners and massage therapists for it’s proven effects of detoxifying and purifying the body.  It was traditionally taught in the Shaolin temple and has been kept more secretive than the widely known Shaolin tendon and ligament strengthening QiGong (Yi Jin Jing).  The reason being, Bone Marrow Washing is considered to be a very powerful spiritual qigong in addition to its healing abilities when practiced correctly.  Students learn to go deeper into the QiGong state by combining meditation and mantras with movement and breath.  


This QiGong form has proven scientific effects of stimulating and activating adult stem cells in our bone marrow; gently elongating and improving flexibility of the spine, alleviating neck, back and joint pain. The ability to feel your own Qi, maintain the QiGong state and skillfully clear your mind of negative attitudes is necessary to get the most benefit from this form.  


More advanced meditation practices that focus on harmonizing emotional imbalances and clearing energy blockages from our internal organs are taught in addition to this moving form.  


No prior experience necessary


The Course Includes:


In addition to the weekly classes, students receive a 65 page training manual that contains information about the WuYi QiGong school, all level 2 movements, the basics of the meditations, FAQS and notes for the theory component.  Included with this manual, are a DVD and a CD to assist with your practice at home. The DVD includes an in depth analysis, demonstration and explanation of each movement. The CD contains two guided meditations.  


Course tuition includes empowerment of the 3 DanTians, anatomy and physiology of the energetic and spiritual body, energetic embryological development, the 3 treasures, the 5 elements and WuXing theory, the function and pathways of the 8 extraordinary channels, the 3 Hun, 7 Po, and Yuan Shen, and introduction to the 8 trigrams (BaGua), the nine gates (chakras) and the 3 psychic knots.  




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