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Level 1, Breath QiGong:

Each level builds upon the other. Level one - Breath Qigong is Yang in nature with dynamic movement where most students begin to feel their own Qi very rapidly. The meditations are foundations in Taoist energy cultivation that lead to more advanced Taoist practices of internal alchemy. The philosophy is taught in the traditional oral manner which has traditionally only been kept alive in Taoist monasteries. This method includes questions that are missing for each chapter that do not exist in printed versions of the Tao Te Ching.  In this way, students are able to apply this philosophy to QiGong, consciousness, and living a happy and contented life.


Breath QiGong builds a strong foundation for all other QiGong forms and is unique for quick progression to further advanced cultivation practices. The reason being, it is simple, fun and from my experience and that of my students it is the fastest way to actually feel your body’s Qi.


Qi and the benefits of QiGong come from feeling this energy yourself and not from just talking about it theoretically. Feeling your own Qi is paramount to any success and progression.  "Qi Tao, Yi Tao" - with observation one develops awareness, with awareness the Qi goes where your mind goes, and with practice and experience a physical change will occur.  


Additionally, Breath Qigong is the easiest method to experience a meditative state, often referred to as the QiGong state or “being in the zone”. Breath Qigong has the ability to put people in “the zone”. This is when you are truly present, all the worries and thoughts of the past and future disappear. The more we are in this state the lower our stress, the more enjoyable our lives are and the more we enliven this state in our conscious day to day lives.  An example of this, is when time seems to slow down and a feeling envelopes that you are capable of anything, a moment of absolute presence. Students learn to respond rather than react and in essence, live a happier more contented life. The more you practice, the easier and more often the experience. Students find that with regular practice, this carries over into their daily lives, with more regularity; things just seem to go their way effortlessly.




No prior experience is necessary.

The Course Includes:


In addition to the weekly classes, students receive a 58 page training manual that contains information about the WuYi QiGong school, all level 1 movements, the basics of the meditations, FAQS and notes for the theory component.  Included with this manual, are a DVD and a CD to assist with your practice at home. The DVD includes an in depth analysis, demonstration and explanation of each movement. The CD contains two guided meditations.  


The theory component consists of a reading, lecture and discussion on the Tao Te Ching. The Tao Te Ching is the most widely read, and misunderstood classic on Taoist philosophy.  Like most of Chinese learning the Tao Te Ching's essence was never written down on paper but transmitted orally from Master to Disciple.  This is something quite special, and RJ passes this on to his students awakening their three treasures.  They leave with a true sense of awakened awareness, the first stage of enlightenment; giving them tools to live a truly happy and blissful life.  



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