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GuiGen QiGong

GuiGen is Chinese for "Return to the Source".  GuiGen QiGong is a medical QiGong system used at XiYuan hospital in Beijing, developed by Dr. Xu Hongtao. It is used to treat and heal patients of all types of chronic disease.  Dr. Xu's motto is "Nothingness is the best medicine".  


When you reach a state of "nothingness" you are at one with the primordial source of creation. In this state of consciousness, potential is unlimited. The energetic and physiological functions of the human body and mind, run at their optimal efficiency.  In "nothingness" there is no such thing as disease, illness, emotional discord, and mental unclarity.  It all disappears; your body and energy following your consciousness return to the source, into a pure state of being -  natural, innocent and full of vitality like that of an infant.  


In GuiGen QiGong, the healing state of "nothingness' is accomplished through lying, sitting, and standing meditation, as well as a Dynamic QiGong form using the principles of WuXing (the 5 elements). Students learn to still their minds, and strengthen their external Wei Qi for healing themselves and others.  


This course is suited to anyone who wants to develop an effective and disciplined practice and eliminate chronic illness.  It is especially good for health practitioners that want to incorporate and develop a QiGong healing department or component for their patients.


This course is taught over two seperate weekends.  The initial course is taught over two days, then after a month of practice at home, another one day class is offered to answer questions and correct your practice.  It is important to have this time to experience and observe on your own, so your practice can be adjusted and corrected for optimal effectiveness and benefit.



Patients at Xi Yuan Hospital learning and practicing GuiGen QiGong from Teacher RJ Singer via video.

Gui Gen Qi Gong Sydney

RJ Singer teaching GuiGen QiGong to patients at XiYuan Hospital  Beijing, China.

Tel: (02) 6629 1421    M: 0402 121 752     Email:

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