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Escape to Byron & design the perfect retreat or healing weekend getaway that suits your needs!

Did you know, we can help you design the perfect healing retreat/holiday that suits your specific needs?

We offer daily treatments and therapy sessions catered specifically for you.

Bring your family, or come alone. We can accommodate your request for an intensive or very flexible schedule dependent upon your specific goals, budget, time, needs, or desires.

Taoist Acupuncture at the Alchemy Wellness Centre is uniquely located at the Byron Holiday Park, where you can choose from many different accommodation styles to suit your budget, personal comfort, and/or family requirements. Enjoy Tallows Beach, situated nearly at your doorstep. The Byron Holiday Park also offers an onsite pool, tranquil parklands and gardens. Cabins and camping sites offer kitchen facilities, giving you the choice to cook your own meals, or enjoy delicious local produce and specialties at the Spoke Cafe, also onsite and serving up the best coffee in Byron Bay.

Contact us, at Alchemy Wellness to help you put together the perfect package that is just right for you, before booking your accommodation directly from the Byron Holiday Park.

To view accommodation options, please visit: We also offer organised annual intensive retreats: ZhiNeng QiGong Healing Retreats ZhiNeng QiGong Courses are taught as intensive healing retreats. The goal of organising courses in this way, is to give students an experience similar to that of the Hua Xia Centre (Medicine-Less Hospital). A retreat atmosphere facilitates deep healing and a high level of practice. These retreats are suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners that want to take their practice to a deeper and more effective level. Students will learn how to organise a Qi Field and mobilize Qi for healing by using Movement, Breath, Consciousness, and Sound. Level 1 focuses on healing by merging internal Qi with external Hun Yuan Qi. Level 2 on Internal Hun Yuan Qi while opening the ligaments and tendons. Level 3 works on the 5 internal organs, strengthening their functions and stabilising the emotions. Our next retreat for 2017 will be announced soon.​​​​​


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