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New location for year of the Fire Monkey! New Healing Centre in the Byron Bay, Bangalow hinterland o

Happy Chinese New Year!

February 4th welcomes the new energy of 2016, the year of the Fire Monkey, using the solar cycle of the Chinese calendar. The monkey is a playful and curious animal that rarely sits still. Therefore, the theme of a Monkey year, is one of change, restlessness, busyness, high energy, new interests and curiosities. The Monkey is also a symbol of Yang Metal. The Metal element symbolizes the logical mind and anything metallic, electrical, sharp, hard, and discerning. It is easily controlled by Fire. Fire activates metal, but metal is in conflict with fire and with enough heat and pressure it can transform and change into a new form. Yang fire is a full fledged fire like that of the sun, capable of giving inspiration and life, but too much easily burns and scorches. With this combination we can expect to see new breakthroughs in science and technology, especially wireless communications, and electricity. We would expect solar energy to really blossom and spread this year. As well as new innovation, and interest in music and performing arts. But we may also see more scrutinization, scandals and conflicts come to light in large corporations, and governments world wide. To me the symbolism of Fire acting upon metal is one of Alchemy. More so with yin fire and yin metal which we will see in 2017, than the yang elements of this year 2016. I interpret Yang Fire acting upon Yang Metal as more external alchemy, while yin is internal. I expect this year will be full of unexpected surprises that seem to be coming form sources seemingly out of our control. Keep in mind, that a beautifully honed sword was once just a course block of metal. With heat and pressure it is forged into something stronger, flexible, and beautiful. Coincidentally, Katrina and I have named our new centre in the Bangalow hinterland, Alchemy Wellness. As an after thought, it seems very fitting with the theme of the next two years. Metal represents the Skin, Lung and Large Intestine in Chinese Medicine, and there may be a general seasonal theme of fevers, eczema, psoriasis, carbuncles, dysentery, and fast spreading contagious viruses acting upon these organs and as outbreaks around the world. Of course this is just a general theme, and an individuals BaZi (four pillars) astrology will determine how an individual's personal elements come into play with the seasonal elements of the year. But, knowing the general theme of the year we can take preventative measures ahead of time. While 2015 was the year of the wood goat, and was lacking the water element. For 2016, the wood element will really be drained due to the fire acting upon metal. Therefore, wood is the crucial element to guard and nourish during the fire monkey year. We can do this by eating more greens, a little bit of sour foods, spending more time in nature, especially the woods. Aside from eating well, it is a good idea to exercise the ligaments, and joints, strengthen the lungs and oxygenate the blood daily with QiGong. The tendons and ligaments are ruled by the wood element, so a practice that focuses on nourishing, strengthening and lengthening these would be ideal during the first half of the year while it is hot outside. I plan to teach some QiGong retreats this year in the Byron Bay area. With the move, we still do not have internet, and have been busy setting up the clinic. I have not found a good location to hold retreats yet, but will keep you updated. If anyone has a lead, please contact me and I can look into it. I wish everyone an amazing year, filled with excitement. Stay grounded, and flexible, don't let the frenzied pace carry you away. RJ Singer

Please visit for acupuncture, Chinese medicine, qigong healing/courses/retreats, massage treatments, and feng shui consultations in the Byron Bay - Bangalow hinterland.


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