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Predictions and health advice for the year of the Wood Goat

Happy Chinese New Year, the year of the Wood Goat!

The Chinese Calendar is both a solar and lunar calendar based on the principles of yin/yang, and the 5 elements. Last year was the year of the Yang Wood Horse, a year of great creative force manifesting as conflict in many parts of the world. This year is a continuation of what was seeded in 2014. According to 5 element theory, the wood element conquers the earth element (Goat), and is interpreted as a disharmonious relationship. This can be interpreted as more conflict globally. However the yin wood of 2015 shall be softer, gentler and more flexible than the Yang wood of last year. This should result in more compromising, and more openness to ending conflict worldwide. The Goat is represented by the element Earth, but within it are the hidden elements of yin wood and yin fire, meaning the goat is a very dry earth. According to Chinese astrologist Vic Ketis, these hidden elements refer to an explosive fire that bring things hidden to the surface, much like a sprouted seed breaking through the soil surface and into the light.

In applicable terms, it means that the overriding theme for the year, will be finding things hidden and buried within ourselves, and bringing them to the surface, so we can mature. In Taoist Philosophy, what occurs on the macro-level also occurs on the micro-level and vice versa. So, expect to see political scandal, and disclosure of governmental policies.

In Chinese Medicine, the earth element (Goat) represents the stomach, pancreas, muscles, and cells of the body, while yin wood symbolizes the neck, back bone, and spinal cord. Due to the dry earth nature of the goat, water is unable to nourish the wood and can weaken our immune systems. Cases of diabetes and cancer may be on the rise throughout 2015. Since, these are the areas more susceptible to problems this year, I recommend everyone make a concerted effort to eat healthy fresh and organic. Eat more cultured veggies, and less sugar and processed foods. Clear out the toxins in our homes and try to avoid plastics. We also need to look after our spinal cords and muscles, so be sure to include gentle daily exercises to enhance flexibility of the spine. QiGong is a wonderful method to enhance flexibility of the spine, and to move Qi and Blood into all of the muscles, ligaments, and joints of the body.

I wish you all the best this year, abundant Qi, Vitality, Health and Happiness! To book an appointment with RJ Singer, please visit


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