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What is the Tao? How does it apply to me, my life, my health, my environment, and society?

James Miller does an exeptional job of explaining in plain terms what the Tao (the Way of Nature) means and how it relates to every single person, animal, plant, and mineral on the planet. With the discovery of the Higgs- Boson Particle in 2012 (the buidling block of the universe), modern physics is now realigning it's ideas of the universe with the ancient wisdom of Taoism.

When asked what is the Higgs-Boson? Dr. Higgs, the 84 year old Nobel Laureate and the first phsyicist to propose the idea of it's existence ,responded with:

“…these particles are just packages of energy of some kind of field. And the feature [that] distinguishes this kind of theory, which leads to this kind of symmetry breaking, is the existence of what we, theoretical physicists, call the vacuum, which means nowadays something different than what it used to mean. It’s just the lowest energy state that you could possibily have in which there are no particles around but there maybe something around. And that something around can be a background field of some sort, which pervades the universe."

“In this theory, there is such a background field. And the background field, its interaction with all the other stuff that goes through, is responsible for generating the masses and mass differences of the other particles, elementary particles, [those] which are packages of all the energy in other fields. Simply because the background affects the way the waves propagate."

“But then, the field itself can be excited, or classically to give you waves to the packages of energy of that are the Higgs boson. So it’s an extra which comes with this type of theory, that you need to have something there, which is the excitation of the background field.”

In Taoist Philosophy the entire universe is made up of form and formless that are dependent upon one another, changing into one another, and are seeds of one another. They cannot exist without one another. This is how energy works, and it is the building block of the universe. All things in it are a repeat of this energetic relationship over and over. The largest heavenly bodies in the universe relate to eachother in the same way that the smallest atoms and molecules do. A pattern that repeats itself over and over again, like a Russian Babushka doll, one inside another for eternity. Indeed everything is connected. . .


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