September 26 - October 1, 2017

Contact:  Alchemy Wellness Centre     (02) 6685 7577

This intensive healing retreat will consist of a deep immersion into the healing methods of ZhiNeng QiGong Science. It will be tau...

Chen Qi (Stretching Qi) is a very powerful QiGong exercise for strengthening the Heart, Lungs, and Immune System.  At the Hua Xia Centre, many people resolved difficult and chronic health problems associated with these important organs by practicing Chen Qi regularly a...

In two previous articles, I demonstrated a QiGong exercise that could resolve nearly any health condition, the ZhiNeng QiGong Wall Squat.  While being an incredibly effective and powerful exercise, it is challenging and impossible for people that are unable to stand....

It is very difficult to work with Qi, when you have no awareness for sensing Qi.  In the video above, teacher RJ Singer demonstrates an exercise to immediately experience a Qi sensation, and then gives you another exercise to develop this skill further. 

In reality...

In a previously posted video and article, I demonstrated the ZhiNeng QiGong Wall Squat and described the benefits.  This is a follow up video and article to demonstrate and assist you in how to modify this exercise and slowly progress to performing the wall squat corre...

The spine can be likened to the trunk of a great tree, where the essential requirements for life and health flow.  The internal organs can be likened to the fruit of a tree.  The fruit of the tree is dependent upon the health of the trunk. The internal organs are contr...


We are planning a healing retreat for June 2016, during the Queen's Birthday long weekend from Friday June 10 - Wednesday June 15.  The Retreat will be held in the Byron Bay area.  It will include accommodation and food. 


Cost: $2,500 


Early Bird Discou...

(Translation of Calligraphy):   


"Practice Qigong diligently and with effort, improve your body mind and heart, Bring benefit to all human beings".




Can you really heal yourself, does it really work?

How do I know its not just the placebo effect?

After all modern...

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Heal Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, and Rosacea with Chinese Medicine!

June 10, 2017

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