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Seated Crane Head & Spinal Rotations

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This 1 1/2 hour guided ZhiNeng QiGong practice is taught in a Qi Field and uses the methods of seated Crane Head and seated Spinal Rotations to facilitate deep healing.

In QiGong, we spend a lot of time opening and strengthening the spine. The spine is extremely important for abundant circulation of Qi and Blood through out the body. These seated exercises are a simple way to improve flexibility, circulation, and resolve many chronic health conditions. They can also easily be done virtually anywhere, by anyone. Even, if you cannot stand, or have limited practice time. They can easily be done sitting at your desk at work, at school, or when you have a short break.

They are especially good for resolving any and all conditions affecting the head, neck, and back, including all painful conditions. The Crane Head methods also stimulate the Shen Zhu energy point, which benefits the middle DanTian; the heart and lungs.

Seated Spinal rotations are additionally beneficial in healing disorders of the abdominal region including the internal organs. It also opens Ming Men to gather and improve inherited kidney Qi, resolve poor posture, and improve blood flow and circulation to the entire body.

Watch this 3 minute video:

[Click here to learn more, about the benefits of these exercises]

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